About Me

My passion is leadership. With over 40 years of experience in leading others, I have found a recipe that works with leaders to help them achieve great outcomes and build solid high-performing teams. With a master's degree in Health Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree, theory backs my experience.

My leadership experience includes management positions from middle to executive levels and serving in leadership positions on several non-profit boards. My own transformational leadership consulting business began in 2011 providing leadership coaching, leadership training and development.

My business is focused entirely on helping leaders lead well because, quite frankly, most leaders don't. I have been published in Washington Healthcare News and Kenyon Homecare Consulting's Newsletter, and have written blogs for the Huffington Post. My coauthor work includes published articles in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology for the work I did in leading providers and clinical teams in improving outcomes. I have spoken on leadership at a number of conferences and in a variety of leadership settings.

I live with my husband in Mukilteo, Washington, a small bedroom community north of Seattle, where we enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, scuba diving, and traveling.


Mulkiteo, WA


+1 425 922 8397